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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thư gửi Cãnh sát San Jose về việc trộm thường xuyên rình rập .

From :    Tai Tran
              1295 McLaughin Ave # 107
              San Jose CA 95122
To :        SJPD

Dear sir/lady ,
On the night of March 23 , 2013 , after visiting  my neighbour (room 105) , I went to bed early . When preparing to sleep , at about 8 PM , I heared the knob of the door (on HALLWAY side) being turned (by someone). I said loudly in Vietnamese "Ai đó/Who is it ? " . The burglar quickly escaped (to the ouside of building) by running to the exit door , NEXT to my apartment .
I think , the burglar(s) followed me CONTINOUSLY and thought I again FORGOT locking the door when visiting my neighbours (in this Senior Center) - as I used to do before . This habit leading to a burglary  in my room on Feb 10 , 2013 (Case number 13-041-0879) .
My room is on the FIRST floor of the building and NEXT to a City park and a landscaping company . Therefore , the burglars easily and quickly escape after robbing . Thanks ,

Tai Tran ,
San Jose Mar 25 , 2013 .

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